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We take care of your graded cards!

"Article about the Pokemon Art Gallery in Paris where Oxyframe was create"
Ouest France .


OxyFrame est une solution d'affichage pour vos cartes PSA/PCA. 

Sa forme hexagonale vous permet d'exposer votre collection
comme vous en rêviez.

Inscrivez-vous pour faire partie de l'aventure !



Hello my name is Toledano Stephane,
I've been playing, collecting and making videos for over 10 years on YouTube and Twitch .
I want to convey to a passionate public, like me, the possibility of being able to consider their favorite cards as true works of art.


"How to bring to light a world that has never been enlightened?" 

This is the problem that I was able to answer during the "Catch Them All" event that I organized with the Galerie 75 Faubourg .
One of the first gallery in Europe around the pokemon card.
The Oxyframes were specially designed for this event and following your feedback I decided to take the plunge.

Photo_Histoire_2 (2).png
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